Monday, July 26th, 2021
Following the By-Laws of the department, elections and nominations were held the week of July 19th for Chief. Chief Michael Coleman was nominated. The Board of Directors confirmed his nomination. ...
Thursday, March 26th, 2020
On Saturday March 21st, 2020 members of the Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department reported to the station for a work detail. Not one of cleaning hose or training, but finally time to move into the n...
Monday, February 3rd, 2020
On Monday February 3, 2019 many members of the fire department participated in a CPR refresher course. This course taught by Paramedic Tim Barnett reinforced the fundamentals taught to the members in...
Sunday, January 5th, 2020
Fire Chief Michael "Gordy" Coleman celebrated his 45 year anniversary in the fire service on January 5. 2020. Chief Coleman has dedicated the better portion of his life to the Cedar Grove V...
Past & Present Members

Past and Present Members


Below is a list of past and present members of the Cedar Grove Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. These individuals have made a contribution toward the growth of the department whether it be as a Firefighter, EMS employee or Board Member.   Every attempt has been made to make this list as accurate as possible.  Unfortunately there were points of limited record keeping and someone may have been omitted.  If you know of someone that should be on this list, please email us and let us know (include their name, affiliation with the department, dates, etc.).  This is a working document and we will try our very best to keep it updated.


Dave Adams
C.A. Austin
Linda Bailey
Troy Bain
David "D.B." Ballard
George Ballard
David "Davey"  Ballard, Jr.
Bob Barton
Kenneth Barton
Bear Bear  Basss
Chris Battlo
Stephanie Battlo
Terry Beasley
Tim "Barney" Benett
Katie Berg
Kevin "Wrap" Bess
Kevin "Kevin Wayne" Bess, Jr.
Tommy Bibb
Brian Blankenship
Marty Blankenship
T.A. Bowman
Adam Bryant
Harry "Bomber" Buckley
Jill Buckley
Edward Burns
Paul Butterworth
Paul "Big D" Butterworth
Bird Buttrick
Chuck Buttrick
James Buttricks
John Campbell
J. Carpenter
H.F. Carpenter, Jr.
Daniel Carte
Patrick Clark
Jeff Cogar
Dale Coleman
J.R. Coleman
Larry Coleman
Michael "Gordy" Coleman
Ryan  Coleman
Tyler Coleman
Brad "Moe" Confere
Jim Connard
G.R. Cook Jr.
Mark Cox
Chuck Cruikshank II
Erik Dailey
Danny Dalton, Jr.
Zack Daniels
Gary Davis
Melissa Davis
Mark Duff
Tom Duff
David Dunlap
Thomas "Worm" Dunlap
Andy Durham
John Dusky
Dave Edens
Jeff   Elswick
Mike Fannin
Fred Farha
Linda Farnam
Dale Fidler
J.R. Fidler
Jessica Fidler
Robbie Ford
Deric Fout
Jeff "Berny" Fout
Branty Dee "Hoot" Gibson
Terry Godbey
J.W. Grady
Chops Griffin
Bill Harrison
Mark "Willard" Harrison
Nick Harrison
Sharon Hemmings
Gary Hess
Bobby "Merl" Hibbs
Eric Holcomb
Debbie Holmes
Ricky Holstein
Frank Hudnall
Jeff Hudnall
Mark  Hudnall
Timmy "Burhead" Hudnall
Terry Hudson
Arnold Hustead
Lee Hustead
Mark "Goldie" Hustead
Trevor Hustead
Chris Ingrham
Keith Johnson
Andrew "Andy" Keeney
Floyd R. Keeney, Jr.
Steve "Stevie" Keeney, Jr.
Steve "Dutch" Keeney, Sr.
Jabo Lanham
Kim Lanham
Jeremy "Jeb" Linville
Ted Logan
Michael  Lucas
Joe Lynch
Charlie Mays
John "John John"  McGinnis
Alan McNeely
Robert Meeker
Larry Miller
Jean Morton
Mary Morton
Dic Moses
Clarence Mullins
C.J. Murry
Dave Neal
Brad   Nichols
Tori Nichols
J.W. Norman
Alice Osborne
M. Pales
Brian Patton
Ryan "Jabber" "Ryan Ryan" Pennington
John Perdue
Justin Phillips
Dave Powell
Mike Powell
H.L. Proctor
Myra Proctor
Bradley Querry
Dave Querry
Jordan Querry
Eula Richards
Poncho Roark
Lexi Roop
Dave Rosen
Karen Rosen
G.T. Saunders
Bradley "Sparky" Scott
C.R. Seabolt
F.D. Settle
J.R. Settle
Bernard Settles
Lisa Shaffer
Kim "Punky" Shanklin
John Shumaker
Bill "Ziggy" Sigler
Lisa Smith
Mrs. Leroy Smith
Wes Smith
John "Chief"  Smoot
John Bob "Balooka" Smoot
Gram Stanley
H.R. Stanley
Jennifer Stanley
Kent Stanley
Leslie Stanley
Jimmy Stevens
Kalob Stone
Mark Strickland
J.G. Szasa
James Terry
Amanada Tucker
Dave Tucker
Jamie Vermillion
J.T. Wagnor
Tim "Erkle" Walker
Jerry Warner
Stacie Warner
Bill White
Gina White
Virgil "Peanut" White
Vince Wilkinson
Jack Willams
J.A. Williams
Josh Williams
Nikki Williams
Thurman Williams
Jack Williams, Jr.
Jason Wilson
Greg "Wolfie" Wolfe
Phil Wolfe
Dewyans Woolwine
Tim "Wimpy" Workman
John Wriston
J.A. Wyatt
H.S. Wyatt, Jr.
S.S. Wyatt, Jr.
Ernest "Squeak" Young
Froud Young
Jimmy Young
Lynn Young
Mark Young
Clayton Young, III
Clayton Young, Jr.
C.L. Young, Sr.

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